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MIDDLE SCHOOL (4th – 6th Grade)

Turning Today’s Learners Into Tomorrow’s Leaders

The St. Hilary Middle School focuses on cross-curricular learning, where knowledge and skills learned in one subject are used to reinforce and support learning in other subjects. This approach to learning improves students’ motivation and engagement, as information is taught in a way that is both interesting and relevent to the student. A variety of instructional methods are implemented to meet the needs of all types of learning styles, preparing students to meet the challenges of the upper grades.

Our middle school students utilize stability balls in place of chairs in the classrooms. Research has shown that when students sit on stability balls, both sides of their brains are engaged, which leads to increased focus, as well as classroom learning and particpation.

Students can participate in many after-school activities that can help to develop social and emotional skills, as well as improve academic performance. Many of St. Hilary’s programs support and complement classroom learning by providing for informal learning in a fun and relaxing environment.



  • Curriculum Rooted in the Common Core
  • Accelerated Math and Reading Programs
  • C.A.M.P.S. program (Computer, Art, Music, P.E., Spanish)
  • Battle of the Books
  • Sports Programs (Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cheerleading)
  • After School Homework Help
  • Schola, Choir, Handbells and Band
  • Student Council
  • Rocket Club
  • Earth Savers and Green Team