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St. Hilary School provides a nurturing Catholic environment where parents, as primary educators, work in partnership with faculty, staff, and the faith community to provide each child with experiences centered around an active faith life, challenging academics, and character building opportunities to become a responsible citizen in the community. 


Our school is an integral part of the St. Hilary Parish faith community.   We provide an atmosphere in which all students can achieve spiritual, academic, and social excellence within a culturally diverse environment. 

St. Hilary School provides an environment which promotes faith, family and academics.


  • ·         We develop a personal relationship with the Lord
  • ·         We serve the Lord in spiritual leadership
  • ·         We live a life centered around the Gospel
  • ·         We encourage active participation in church, stewardship, and the ability to make responsible decisions
  • ·         We attend Mass as a faith community as a central part of our prayer environment
  • ·         We educate children to incorporate Christian values in their lives



  • ·         We embrace diversity in our community
  • ·         We empower students to practice global citizenship
  • ·         We incorporate a Faith Partner program for all our children
  • ·         We include family members as integral parts of our learning
  • ·         We develop a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding for the benefit of the students
  • ·         We rely on families to be engaged partners toward our school’s mission



  • ·         We utilize the best teaching and learning practices and tools to educate our children
  • ·         We encourage children to become self-motivated and independent learners in pursuit of academic excellence
  • ·         We create an active learning environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning
  • ·         We promote future academic success and real world preparedness
  • ·         We incorporate the Common Core Standards in conjunction with the Archdiocesan Curriculum Benchmarks
  • ·         We integrate technology into our curriculum as a tool for learning and to promote digital citizenship


-Revised August 2016